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CWO(Community Welfare Organisation) is a Bhopal based non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.It is a dynamic institution working for the holistic and integrated development of the poor and marginalized people of the Society, especially youth and women, along with interventions which enhance the quality of life. CWO was set up by a team of committed professionals and social workers withal strong intent and desire to promote self-reliance and sustainability of the people and communities living in the poorer regions of India by catalyzing voluntary action and community participation. CWO started its operations with strong felt need of taking proactive steps for empowering communities through education, skill development, and use of technology. It was imperative for the organization to work towards reducing the competitive and exploitative interaction between the community and the market, which was beset with a skewed mismatch between the demand and supply. Keeping in mind absence of education, knowledge, and skill as a major deterrent to achieving self-reliance by local communities, CWO to started work to ensure that these become available to the native population through use of innovative technology and by leveraging on various governments projects meant to enhance people’s endowments. Existence of distorted and redundant traditions, severe division of work and skewed attitude between male and female, and complete absence of basic health services, especially for the rural women, made CWO work in a way which addressed quality of life of people on one hand, including health, livelihoods, socio-economic development, education, etc. and the issues of economic sustainability on the other hand. Skill and education were taken as a starting point and therefore appropriate efforts were made since the beginning to increase the access of communities to skill and capacity building services and improve their education seeking behaviour. Over time, the organization has gained significant strength and experience in handling complex projects in remote areas and is now well equipped with a qualified and experienced team of professionals and committed social workers capable of undertaking community development projects in remote villages. 

Vision of CWO

A society in which people are capable of making informed choices to ensure their wellbeing and to meet necessities of life, and further, have capacities to make necessary efforts to leverage upon the natural, social, and human wealth without harming the bio-diversity they live in. 

Mission of CWO

To become an effective and efficient service delivery institution, which promotes selfreliance of people and societies through initiatives which are?  Socially acceptable  Economically viable  Ecologically sustainable


To achieve its Mission and fulfil its Vision, CWO has set the following objectives to be achieved by it through various programs and projects that it undertakes:  To help create people’s organization and community groups which work for the development of their members and their localities  To build partnerships with and among various stakeholders to work on common development goals and to increase mutual benefits  To interact and partner with various government and non government service providers to enhance provision of services and their access to community  To build capacities of local communities and stakeholders in making informed choices about their life and living conditions  To restore, preserve and develop the natural bio-diversity

Strategic Thrust

CWO being a people’s organization builds strong partnerships with local communities and other stakeholders and gets people involved in planning, implementing, and monitoring their own programs of development. The organization plays a strong catalyst’s role and facilitates processes of development by ensuring formational interaction among various factor conditions. Integral to its strategy is to value and use local wisdom, local priorities, and local resources.

Intervention Methodology

CWO follows the following intervention methodology for all its programmatic interventions through projects:  Women Empowerment  Drudgery Reduction  Networking, Dialogue and Advocacy  Skill Training and Capacity Building  Building and Strengthening of Local Institutions  Information Dissemination  Connecting with the Market  Innovation and Introduction of Technology 

Core values

CWO strongly believes in  Equal opportunities for all  Cost effective delivery mechanism  Participatory approach for self-reliance  

Programmatic Thrusts

CWO is a people’s organization for the development of people and their habitat. Therefore, it lays a great emphasis on programs which touch upon people’s life squarely and create sharp tangents of development. Given below are the sectors which are included in CWO’s programmatic framework:

Livelihoods and Income Generating Activities

Livelihoods and income generating activities play a crucial role in people’s life. Livelihood is basic to human existence though a large population of India still does not have proper livelihoods support systems to fall back upon and they often have to live with poor livelihood strategies and face various kinds of insecurities. CWO works towards identifying clusters of people in which a project based livelihood intervention can bring in desired results and people can have self-reliance in meeting their day-to-day household needs. Healthy connect with the market is necessary for any livelihood intervention to succeed. Equally important are credit connect, product diversification, and technological innovations in which areas CWO has special programmatic thrusts. Skill enhancement is another factor impacting livelihoods and overall quality of life which CWO considers as a separate programmatic thrust dealt with in the following section. For CWO, women have been in focus for this sector and projects are implemented 

Skill Training

India is the youngest country in the world at this point of time. The demographic dividend which it has now at its disposal will remain in place for another 40-50 years to reap upon. Therefore, suitable strategies are required to benefit from this factor condition by organizing appropriate vocational skill training programs for youth followed by their gainful employment in various job roles and enterprises. CWO puts a lot of thrust on identifying and mobilizing aspiring youths and bringing them to training floor. CWO also has on its agenda the task to connect with various industries and bring them on board to act as the employing partners of the skill training programs. 

Community Development Projects

Our society is a great milieu of diverse cultures, castes, and creeds. Though it is rich due to its diversity, the other side of it is that it promotes factionalism and therefore, development becomes political and parochial. CWO sees it as a great bottleneck to holistic and unbiased development and as a consequence, works on projects which tend to address issues such as gender, hierarchy, poverty of backward classes, alienation, marginalization, religious harmony, etc. 

Education, Innovation, and use of Technology

Today’s life is replete with the use of technology and innovative approach to life. We cannot imagine living our lives with the ease and aid of modern day’s means of communication and interface with technology. A PC is an old thing, superseded by an android phone. CWO aims to familiarise communities with new technologies and make them digital literate.

The Road Ahead

During the coming years CWO envisages  Gaining deeper involvement in skill training programs for gainful employment of youth  Linking community with viable income generation activities  Expanding our operations over rural areas of the backward regions

Capabilities and infrastructure

Strong organizational strength to implement projects involving multiple stakeholders on a large-scale  Total staff strength is 20; technical staff includes health workers, social workers, educationists, skill development experts and experienced administrative staff  Centrally located Head Office at Bhopal, equipped with modern office and IT equipment  Skill Training Centers, equipped with all required tools, equipment, and machinery in many districts of Madhya Pradesh 

Our Partners

CWO has a wide network of partners including government, non government, and international donors as given below:  DDU- GKY  NSDC  SSCs  MANAS  Local community,  Fellow voluntary organizations and individuals

Our Partners

CWO has a wide network of partners including government, non government, and international donors as given below:  DDU- GKY  NSDC  SSCs  MANAS  Local community,  Fellow voluntary organizations and individuals  DAY- NULM  MPSSDM

Projects Implemented by CWO